Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holly Day Scarf

Holly Day Scarf

A shorter, soft, elegant scarf perfect for the holidays.

Gauge: About 4sts/in

Needles: size 8US

Yarn:  2 Balls Plymouth Yarn Sin City in Jade

c/o 16 sts
Row 1 k
Row 2 k
Row 3: k2, *k1, yo, k2tog , repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2
Row 4: k2, purl to last 2 sts, k2
Repeat rows 3 and 4 until yarn is nearly used up (about 3 feet)
Knit 2 rows and bind off.  Weave in loose ends.

1 comment:

  1. When I knit according to your instructions, it produces a scarf which travels in a diagonal direction. I changed the pattern a little; up until Row 4, all the same, Row 5 K2,*yo. K2tog, repeat til end, *yo, knit 3, Row 6 k2, purl to last 2 sts, k2.